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Welcome! Mimosa Creations, LLC is an indie company that specializes in animation, graphic design, illustrations, fine art, photo editing, nature photography, custom videos, website design, and writing. The Creative Director of Mimosa Creations is Kathleen Delaney. Kathleen is a Southern Belle with a love for art, and she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art & Design. She is also busy with drawing/painting, original music, animation, and fiction projects.

Kathleen has 14 years of design experience. She has written, designed, and illustrated children’s and other books. She has also completed a novel for young adults. New and returning clients are welcome to submit their creative and/or marketing projects by visiting the contact section of this site.


Exhibitions and Awards:

Private Commissions, Malta, Europe (2013-2019)

Group Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan (July to September 2012)

Private Commissions/Exhibitions, Sacramento Area, CA, USA (2011/2012)

Private Commissions, New York, USA (Ongoing)

Private Commissions, Georgia, USA (Ongoing)

Private Commissions/Exhibitions, Maryland, USA (2003/2004)

Group Exhibition, Georgia, USA (May 2003)

Group Exhibition, Georgia, USA (November 2002)

Private Commissions/Exhibitions,  Japan  (2001)

Group Exhibition, Georgia, USA (November 2001)

Writing Contest (USA) : First Place (2003)

Writing Contest (USA) : First Place (2002)

Writing Contest (USA) : First Place (2001)

Kiwanis Art Show: First Place (1999-2000)




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