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  • Kathleen Delaney

What Can Marketing Design Do For Me?

Why do you need marketing design? Because original content attracts customers!

1. Marketing Design boosts social media engagement. Social media is one of the best ways to market your brand. For example, YouTube has millions of unique users every month. Oftentimes individuals feel that search engine optimization is reserved for textual content. However, marketing videos also work to build an audience and grab the attention of search engines. The main marketing strategy for video SEO is to come up with regular, scheduled video content. When your business releases videos on a schedule, you build a program on which your targeted market can rely, and you add to your company’s online reputation.

Long textual descriptions of products and services may sometimes lose a customer’s attention. When given a choice, consumers will usually pay more attention to a professionally designed custom video than a long product description. Customer comments and feedback can be posted on your channel or social media account. Negative feedback should be welcome, as these add up to the credibility that your business welcomes all types of consumer viewpoints.

2. Marketing Design increases your flexibility. Since customer preferences can change overnight, it’s essential to be flexible with your marketing methods. Text messaging quickly became the primary source of mobile marketing when cellular phones were first introduced. However, with the growing popularity of mobile devices, there are more interesting ways available now to promote a product or brand. Be willing to update your methods to incorporate colorful ads and pro bono apps and games. Anticipate the ever changing trends in marketing, and be willing to adapt to include what customers want.

The average website can be difficult to view on the limited dimensions of a mobile screen device. Check with you website designer to see if they can adapt your website to mobile devices. If you want to keep your corporate identity professional and recognizable across all platforms, you could also hire a designer to create a website/mobile site as a package. Make sure you select a Marketing Designer who includes a mobile layout design option with their website design.

3. Marketing Design helps you monitor your progress. With a marketing campaign you can consistently monitor your progress to assess whether or not your approach is effective. Have your sales improved? Have you received more customer comments? Does your marketing help customers socialize or get involved in your business? If your objective is not being met, then fine-tune your strategy in order to make progress. Complement the promotions you’ve sponsored for different platforms.

Make sure you select a Marketing Designer who offers a diverse array of content production options to fit your needs - ads, website design, mobile design, custom videos, written content, banners, and more!

You are welcome to submit your creative and/or marketing projects to a seasoned expert in the field by visiting the contact section You can also feel free to email:

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