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Make a Living as a Freelance Artist/Designer

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Since it’s not always easy to make it as a freelance illustrator or designer, we’d like to announce our short course that will help you build an effective portfolio, connect with clientele, build a solid online presence, and make your freelance business grow with “Make a Living as a Freelance Artist/Designer!”

This course has been created as an overview of essentials that can help any freelance artist or designer get a head start in a competitive industry.

How do artists and designers end up contracting with big-name corporations and increasing their prices? Find out how to connect with major companies and build an impressive portfolio. So you successfully completed one creative project, but now there’s nothing... How do you keep a steady flow of projects coming in so that you can actually make a living? Find out! Everyone knows about social media, but how do you connect with potential clientele and keep your network growing? This is the course for you! Check out Make a Living as a Freelance Artist/Designer!

Available on iOS and Android.

We can’t wait to see you thrive.

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