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Top 5 Freelance Art Trends for 2023

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Art trends have come and gone throughout history, from Impressionism in the 19th century to Pop Art in the 20th century. Art constantly reinvents itself because creatives are always exploring new ways to express ideas that were not available before. Artists are always looking for ways to create something truly unique.

Art is ever-changing and dynamic. Different times bring trends that ultimately reflect our tastes in food, design, fashion, and art.

Here are 5 top art mediums for freelancers to consider trying out this year.

1. Crypto Art

Over the last year, Crypto art has made a huge splash in the art world. It allows unique pieces of digital art to be created, bought, sold, and collected like never before. Crypto artists achieved tremendous growth in 2020, with many new highs being reached in terms of sales and awareness of NFTs. We can expect even more exciting developments from crypto artists in 2023 as the technology begins to take on greater usage among mainstream artists from around the globe. Crypto art shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, so it's safe to say that 2023 will be a fascinating year for this medium.

2. Nature

The art trend of focusing on nature reflects a desire to find solace from the chaos of urban life. Artwork depicting natural beauty offers relief from the pressures of everyday life, allowing viewers to appreciate the tranquil natural environment around them. Appreciation for nature can be seen at its finest through artwork that showcases beauty and fragility in various creative ways.

3. Virtual Art Events

Many art events have moved online to offer a truly unique experience for audiences. Art enthusiasts now have the chance to explore virtual galleries and exhibitions from different countries and cultures from any location. Curators are also offering advice, seminars, and even workshops to viewers who can take part without ever leaving their homes. Art festivals have recreated a digital version of their events, allowing visitors near and far to connect in the same online space. Virtual art events provide individuals with unprecedented access to art at their fingertips, not constrained by physical borders and cultural boundaries.

4. 3D Motion Graphic Design

3D motion graphic design has been gaining momentum in recent years due to technology and access from the comfort of home. However, art goes beyond digital devices. Artists are now creating amazing displays in public places. Viewers can be inspired or mesmerized by larger-than-life exhibits with every degree allowing for a unique take on an old art form. Popularity is increasing for 3D motion graphics. It will be interesting to see what else is in store for this avant-garde style of artwork.

5. Neon At Home

A highly popular new trend in art is using neon. As it finds its way into people’s homes, having something bright and bold illuminate your space is becoming a fashionable choice. Neon artwork is truly captivating when utilized for a home interior. This trend creates a stunning effect that livens up any room.

Freelancer Success

Art is always changing, and new freelance artists and designers are constantly emerging. By keeping an eye on the top art trends for 2023, you can be sure to enjoy your collection for years to come - and maybe even make a profit if you're invested in the right pieces.

If you're looking to make money as a freelance artist, following trends is a great way to make more informed decisions about your work. However, don't let trends dictate your art. Always remember to collect and create what you enjoy. To streamline and automate your freelance business, check out this site and give it a try!

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